Onyx2my Online Casino Review

  • 150% Special Slots Bonus
  • MEGA888 and PUSSY888 (only Slots and Fishing)

Onyx2my Online Casino Summary:

🎫 Licenses / Certifications:• European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), ESSA
• gamAid, GamCare Certified, ICRA, RGA
🎲 Games Offered:• Slots, Sports, Fish Hunter, Horse Racing, E-Sports
📞Customer Service Support:• Live Chat
• Telegram: https://t.me/onyx2my
• Whatsapp: +601120509668
💳 Payment Methods:• PayNow
• Cash Deposit
• Visa, Mastercard
💱 Currency Accepted:• Singapore Dollar (SGD)
• Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
📲 Compatible Devices:• Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops, Laptops
• Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android


In Malaysia, Onyx2my has become a trusted and genuine online casino website. It is also the biggest provider of online wagering services marketplace, covering the best variety of casino games, lotto, plus igaming in the world.

Onyx2my  contains a range of greater live-stream gambling game options as well as virtual wagering on important global athletic contests and gambling games. Users are able to select from a number of excellent programs and goods they are providing.

To enable any required assistance and problem resolution, the Customer Care Support Team remains accessible approximately. Onyx2my gives great importance to its image and advertising effort which provide extra privileges to both constant and uncertain visitors, as well as evaluate all its products and services openly.

Onyx2my Online Casino Games


The Onyx2my is among the greatest sites to bet esports, offering the best betting type and gambling possibilities to a large variety of e-sports betting lovers. Users of this e-sports betting website have an extensive selection of e-sports and pre-match activities. The Onyx2my is an authorized online e-sports gambling site, according to the licenses it has received from nations apart from Singapore.

Live Casino

Onyx2my live casino’s advantage is its capacity to prevent losing streaks. Every now and then a game can become untenable after a few seconds of action. If users bet on their favorite game, but it immediately gets crushed, it may be extremely upsetting. In order to avoid poor defeats, delay till the game begins before making a live stake.


Slot games at Onyx2my have all the luxury of being designed in a wide range of formats, giving players a range of betting styles to engage. This is feasible since slots are built on software programs. In contrast, certain slots are more prominent worldwide with a tendency to correspond to games. The following are the online slots that Onyx2my has to offer:

The traditional 3 reels slot

The original slots are the basis for the 3 reel slots.  To play, you arrange the characters such that they approach the front, center, and below.

5 reel slot

As a result of the potential of modern software to produce the slots extra aesthetically attractive and engaging, most slot Onyx2my games currently have departed the traditional layout. The payout rewards and potential of big winnings have been strengthened by adding additional reels.

Progressive slots

If the grand prize is not earned throughout a game, there are certain casino games in which its value gradually declines over a period from a slight amount. Both the odds and the bonuses are higher.

Fish Hunter

The very same excitement of real fishing can be experienced even while earning actual cash through playing online fishing games at Onyx2my. This online casino uses software from CQ9, YL Gaming, and SimplePlay to offer fantastic fishing games.


In order to manage the racebook, Onyx2my has a partnership with a well-known software provider. Furthermore, there are many different Victory and bet types available. Users could discover all rider Info on the Onyx2my page as well as can change from upcoming races and championships for horse betting in Singapore. Up until the beginning of the game, dealer rates are accessible along with only defined odds.


Jackpot size is a significant consideration for Onyx2my when deciding how much to offer its users. This is due to the wide range in jackpot sizes among lotteries, which can range from a few thousand to several million dollars.

Promotions and Bonuses

Onyx2my’s greatest key business model, used in an extremely competitive environment among several online casino firms, is the variety of bonuses and promotions that provides. Onyx2my achieves the best for its supporters due to all the given rewards.

When users open an account with Ony2my, the welcome bonus will be offered automatically as the first reward to the new joiner and this signals the start of extra features and incentives. Onyx2my currently offers a handful of prizes, as listed below, to help you out financially and encourage you to engage in more casino games:

  • Up to 100% Welcome Bonus

Users will be given bonus rewards of up to MYR888 once they make their first deposit, and they’re only eligible for new users. Before the bonus could well be transferred to the user’s chosen wallet, the user needs to complete the required amount of bonus turnover.

  • 150% Special Slots Bonus

The incentive value for this offering is limited at MYR 888, and it solely applies to the MEGA888 & PUSSY888  fishing and online slot games. The required deposit amount to be entitled for this offer is MYR 50. To withdraw or transfer cash, users must achieve the stated turnover criteria for the bonus and deposit amounts.

  • Genting Card Holder Welcome Bonus

This promotion applies only to owners of Resort World Genting membership cards. Users will indeed be upgraded to a VIP Level in accordance with your Casino Card Grade as once confirmation procedure has been completed. Apart from Mega888, Pussy888, and Citibet, all gaming providers are qualified for this offer.

  • 10% Unlimited Pussy888 & Mega888 Reload Bonus

Members of Onyx2my need to spend MYR 50 as a minimum total to be able to qualify for this offer, and they must accomplish a 3x winover threshold for the total amount. Other running offers would not be able to be combined with this particular one.

  • Monday Weekly Rebate

Every Monday prior to 18:00:00 (GMT+8), rewards would be granted out. Without recieving any bonuses, a net loss of MYR 100 must have occurred. Zero turnover is essential for receiving a reimbursement. ​

Customer Support

The customer assistance team can assist you in such circumstances. Some users, particularly new users, might run into problems when making a transaction or engaging in unfamiliar casino games. Along with the previously given information, the Onyx2my contact information, including an email and phone number, is readily available on the website.

Personal advisers and targeted discussions are offered to Onyx2my users. Since both desktop and mobile adoption supports online chats, which allows you to get live rapid assistance you get the option to speak with site specialists.

Across all pages at Onyx2my site, simply tap the phone icon including a text to bring up a pop-up assistance interface. Users are subsequently prompted to provide their username along with a brief description of the problem.

They have observed gambling staff members at the operation and are capable of assessing the quality of customer service impressively since the staff members offer professional advice in a respectful manner and are well-versed in various issues relating to online casino functioning.

Also, the customer service representatives respond to questions from players quickly, so you’ll never be lacking prompt assistance when playing at Onyx2my.

Online Casino Security Features

Onyx2my sets significant attention on data protection. By using details that have been collected and analyzed about users, the business needs to keep records of player casino satisfaction accounts to present them with better-personalized games.

The Onyx2my privacy policy is further explained to users on the FAQ page. As soon as a player signs up to play real money live casino on the Onyx2my platform, the site is obligated to acquire sensitive information regarding users, namely the surname, contact details, and billing address.

As a result, Onyx2my is now capable of allowing you full rights to the popular games you choose to engage, reward earnings as credits, and cash out profits users pull back out from the account. Before enjoying certain of the features provided by Onyx2my, users therefore must reveal credentials. 

Although, no groups or individuals will obtain a copy of your confidential information. The security measures that Onyx2my has in order to guarantee that every sensitive information is kept confidential and shielded are listed below:

Banking Security

Reliable financial backing is needed for privacy. This includes the managing of player earnings and banking details. The leading online sportsbooks have to implement extremely strong protections. This would assure all private data and interactions are completely safe from spyware attacks.

Responsible Casino

Although there will be other incredible features in casino sites, this one is Onyx2my top choice. Once users begin betting, they could place limits on how much users can make payments or withdraw.

Furthermore, they may enable quite seasoned users to specify their restrictions in order to encourage ethical gambling. They could be allowed to set restrictions on how much users could spend, as well as how many times they may wager per week.

This indicates that Onyx2my upholds healthy betting via the structure of its site. This assists in keeping users protected and extends above basic security features. With these limitations, users can’t completely go above their financial budget, so it keeps online betting away from being an issue for many individuals.

Payment Options

Onyx2my supports transactions via 3 main options for users. These forms of payment as per following:

Online Transfer – Onyx2my’s users are provided with the choice to make a transaction of winnings credit to any local bank. Users could indeed conveniently make a deposit to the Onyx2my current wallet via the preferred financial institution using the online banking method.

DuitNow – With the help of the brand-new service DuitNow, users can send money to anyone by using their DuitNow ID rather than their bank details. Every bank is acceptable for DuitNow enrollment and transactions. The participant’s account can receive the money immediately. However, you should always assure the recipient has previously activated their DuitNow IDs with the chosen bank.

ATM deposits – This type of transaction is not recommended because of the amount of time and work needed. Cash payments sent to the Onyx2my wallet from the user’s main account should always be transferred to an ATM.

The transaction number should always be submitted by users at Onyx2my in order to finish the payment procedure. Furthermore, the payment receipt could be scanned and submitted to the appropriate page. In comparison with the other two payment methods, this might not be the best answer for quick transactions.

Service Game Providers

Play’n GO

The most popular online gambling operator, Play’n GO is recognized for its truly innovative online casino games. The history began in 1997, and therefore only a couple of years passed before it completely obliterated the mobile casino industry by delivering high-quality mobile live casino options that were years ahead of its competitors. Currently, the most popular operating systems, which are IOS and Android are fully compatible with Play’N Go systems.


SimplePlay, a firm started by experienced gamers who enjoy playing slot machines, generates unique online slots that let players experience the excitement of spinning the reels. To broaden the selection of software gaming providers, they even provide fascinating online fishing games.

They are committed to improving the enjoyment of playing with genuine love and imagination. They generate countless business alternatives and boost profits for their customers.


A vast number of advantages are offered by Playstar as well as a very diverse collection of online slots that cater to many different audience categories. They take pleasure in their capacity to meet all consumer demands as well as the adaptability they provide to companies and participants. PlayStar enables online casinos to instantly and simply launch a new gambling site, bookmaker, or casino website.

Design, Navigation, and User Experience

This casino focuses on quick play and simple accessibility, yet it can additionally obtain excellent functionality across desktop and mobile systems. The game selection is quite important in this situation since users are interested in having accessibility to as many casino games on the mobile casino as they have on their PCs.

Even live gambling is expertly integrated into the mobile casino app. Onyx2my’s games available on mobile devices are identical to those available to users on desktops. It’s all about interaction and engagement at Onyx2my Casino.


The more common recreational activity that’s capable of being both beneficial and enjoyable is betting. The Onyx2my group is adamant that choosing to bet is not something that should be influenced by anyone else and ought to remain an individual preference.

In addition to becoming morally diligent and flexible to the demands of its important users, Onyx2my is dedicated to bringing the greatest services and products to the client. Because of their significant experience in the casino industry.

The Onyx2my are knowledgeable about the information and tools necessary to appropriately detect the symptom of gambling habits. This group came to the conclusion that they should use this expertise to help addicted players who might need counseling other than on online gambling sites.