Onyx2sg Online Casino Review

  • Up to 100% Welcome Bonus

Onyx2sg Online Casino Summary:

🎫 Licenses / Certifications:• European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), ESSA
• gamAid, GamCare Certified, ICRA, RGA
🎲 Games Offered:• Slots, Sports, Fishing Horse Racing, E-Sports
📞Customer Service Support:• Live Chat
• Telegram: https://t.me/onyx2play
• Whatsapp: +6593527996
💳 Payment Methods:• PayNow
• Cash Deposit
• Visa, Mastercard
💱 Currency Accepted:• Singapore Dollar (SGD)
• Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
📲 Compatible Devices:• Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops, Laptops
• Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android


Onyx2sg is a reputed and reliable online betting site in Singapore, it is the largest firm in online gambling service that offers products World’s largest Sports Betting, Lotteries, and Casino Games.

It engages in global sportsbook and real-time betting for casino games and sports events, such as major global occasions, as well as various high-end live casino game assortments.

They provide a broad selection of high-quality services and goods to users. The Client Care Support Staff has always been accessible all the time to provide any required support and debugging.

Onyx2sg prioritizes its image and marketing that offers its users extra benefits both regular and occasional users, and it could evaluate all offerings with full transparency.

Onyx2sg Online Casino Games

Live Casino

The removal of a prior game selection is one advantage of live casino betting at Onyx2sg. On the other hand, users may gamble at any time while the game has already begun play. It’s not necessary to make impulsive decisions about prior game wagers to make sure that they are put in just before the game begins. With just one button press, users would be able to keep the stake no matter what users observe throughout the game.


Every interactive online slot game makes use of a random set of numbers to create random sequences per instant of the day. The RNG produces a fresh random string of numbers whenever a player spins a slot reel.

Online slots at Onyx2sg will not have a recollection, as well as a monitor to keep track of a person’s losses and wins, as per reviews of casino slots. Online slots at Onyx2sg is a live game where the results are calculated by complex formulas that interact with the RNG.

Horse and Dog Racing

With numerous supporters until nowadays, horse racing is undoubtedly among the most illustrious and historic activities. With such a long history covering all continents, it’s made a profound effect on the sporting sector over the years.

By investigating the background of the initial documented horse race, professional horse racing, contemporary horseback riding, product innovations, and horse race gambling at Onyx2sg, anyone is able to become a master in horse racing extremely fast.


The leading lotto company in Singapore at the moment is 4D Toto. The 4D Toto is accessible at Onyx2sg to try out if users are fascinated in a trustworthy and safe alternative. When the 4D Toto was first established in 1969, its main goal was to spread awareness of 4D and its many variations.

Promotions and Bonuses

The range of promotions offered by Onyx2sg is one of its most prominent marketing factors, in order to compete with other casinos, they use this approach. It’s not only a matter of casino games users can enjoy.

Moreover, Onyx2sg leads its opponents in regard to gambling bonuses. Users would receive a bonus once they sign up with them. The very first incentive which is a welcome bonus is merely the commencement of other rewards.

In order to boost your wallet and motivate users to play more games, Onyx2sg presents users with a variety of different bonuses as per below:

  • MBS & RWS VIP cardholder welcome Bonus

You can use your Marina Bay Sands (MBS) or Resort World Sentosa (RWS) loyalty card to enjoy special VIP promotion. Users must provide a clear image of a legitimate subscription, for instance a photo of the loyalty card, to Client Service for confirmation.

  • Up to 100% Welcome Bonus

Whenever users make an initial deposit, users will receive extra credits worth up to SGD 500 that are only valid for first deposit users. Users must complete the requisite turnover of the bonus before the benefit can be credited to their preferred account.

  • 150% Special Slots Bonus

Only newly enrolled users are eligible to earn this offer, and it is only valid for slot and fishing games from MEGA888 and 918KISS providers. To be qualified for this incentive, a minimum deposit of SGD 50 must be placed. You’ll receive a reward worth up to SGD 500.

  • 10% Unlimited Mega888 & 918Kiss Reload Bonus

To qualify for this incentive, Onyx2sg members must deposit at least SGD 50. Besides that, members should also achieve a 3x win requirement for said amount.

  • Monday Weekly Rebate

Every Monday at 00:00:00 (GMT+8) until Sunday at 23:59:59 (GMT+8) is the timeframe to claim the refund. To participate, users must have net total losses of SGD 100 with no additional bonuses. Excluding horse racing, all casino games are eligible for this bonus.

  • Reward System

The customer can trade fantastic presents for every SGD in points. One point is equivalent to SGD1 deposit. Prior to expiration, all prizes must be utilized within seven days.

  • Attendance Bonus

Whenever a user plays casino games at Onyx2sg for 7 days in a row and user will receive an additional bonus of SGD88, the reward is redeemable for only 7 days from the time it is issued, except otherwise indicated. Apart from MEGA888 and 918KISS, all games are eligible for this offer, but it cannot be combined with different ongoing bonuses.

Customer Support

A top executive will be on standby at Onyx2sg to respond rapidly to every query users may have while playing casino games at the site. A unique chat room where administrators will immediately respond to inquiries is among the most useful and, consequently, well-liked methods to get in touch with the casino’s customer service team.

Moreover, a 24/7 live window can be found on the Onyx2sg site. Whenever questioned about any concerns, such as account verification, the support specialists respond in a timely manner and deliver clear, relevant data regarding the way the casino functions. Hence, whenever users contact them, they will respond as soon as possible.

The Onyx2sg’s contact details and email address are also easily accessible on the site alongside the other data mentioned previously. There are other options for communicating with Onyx2sg support, including a hotline that is available 24 hours and a live chat feature.

As a result, the contact center serves as an excellent motive for checking out Onyx2sg to discover what the casino has to serve its users.

Online Casino Security Features

The safety of users is a priority for Onyx2sg. The Business tracks user game experience profiles using the data it has collected regarding them in order to give them more tailored casino games. Users may find additional information about Onyx2sg’s privacy policy.

The firm must gather private data, including the user’s real identity, contact information, and home address, once they join actual money casino games on the Onyx2sg website. This facilitates the ability for

Onyx2sg grants you access to the casino games you would like to play, credit rewards when the user won, and pay out funds you take from the bank. Also, users must reveal details before using some online casino services.

Users are able to decline to disclose any personal data, but doing so could make their Website less efficient for that particular user and make it impossible to offer you specific services or products. The processor of your credit card might obtain personal data for authentication when you utilize a credit card to make a transaction on the website.

Your private details, however, are not going to be shared with any organizations. Below is one of the security features that Onyx2sg is implementing to make sure that all private information are being secured and protected:

Safe Banking

Cybersecurity must include secured financing. The control of player funds and financial data has been included. Highly secure precautions need to be taken by the top online gambling. It will make absolutely sure that players’ personal information and activities are protected from malware attacks.

Using a trusted payment system is one of the crucial components that Onyx2sg is always considered. For instance, e-wallets and encrypted payment of credit cards. In addition, financial data should be frequently audited to identify any suspect behavior.

Furthermore, Onyx2sg adheres to legal and license criteria,  Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol is the most popular and used by this online casino.


Firewall contributes to the creation of precise specifications that determine the type of site traffic which ought to be authorized. It serves in avoiding unnecessary data from reaching the site server. This is necessary because it shields the site against threats by malware that might attempt to steal user information. Furthermore, they contribute to avoiding DDS which could generate undesirable site traffic as well as vulnerabilities.

Payment Options

Users may make payments on Onyx2sg in 3 major methods. These methods of payment consist of:

Deposit using ATM

Given the duration and energy involved, this is not a suggested form of payment. Direct payments made through one’s primary pocket to the Onyx2sg account must be done at an ATM. To finish the entire transaction process, users must enter the transaction id at the Onyx2sg payment tab.

The deposit receipt might be photographed and sent to the correct page as an alternative. This isn’t the best choice for speedy payments, specifically when weighed against the other two methods of payment.

Internet Banking

Users at Onyx2sg do have the option of transferring their earnings to every bank of their preference. With the internet banking option, users may easily add money to the Onyx2sg Primary Account from your selected local bank.


Customers may transfer and receive international payments swiftly and effortlessly with just this unique PayNow service, using only their cell phone numbers, VPA, or UPI, IDs, almost in real-time, as well as at affordable rates.

It’s not necessary to keep records of or make notes of the recipient’s bank account number, bank details, or even other payment data, nor do you need to endure a day or so for such an international transaction to be accomplished.

Furthermore, the receiver is not required to provide the sender with any information about his or her bank details.

Service Game Providers

Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming could provide you with an adaptable live dealers system that will seamlessly integrate with the current casino configuration. Their experts could offer a customized, unique approach that fulfills business needs.

Together with live casino games, it enables online casino sites to build a collection of entertaining gameplay. There are several options available, such as cards, keno, and bingo, as well as the ability to merge into future connections with online sporting events and sports gambling services.

Lotus Gaming

As it offers sophisticated technology incorporated into the gaming system, Lotus Gaming is always scaling greater levels. It provides an immediate webcasting service along with the availability of a comprehensive gambling guide and a vibrant gambling layout.

The luxurious service of Lotus Gaming, which also serves global markets, was then introduced in the Philippines. Lotus Gaming maintains a base of confidence and a degree of sufficient knowledge with a large variety of collaborators throughout the globe.

After establishing a strong reputation, Lotus Gaming is capable of meeting the strict legislative requirements for certification in the Philippines.

Design, Navigation, and User Experience

The designers of Onyx2sg included the most recent HTML5 technology to provide the best aesthetics along with faultless performance. All of your beloved casino games are now accessible whenever you want. Also, Onyx2sg launches most chosen casino games entirely through an amazing mobile adaptation that may boast a straightforward navigational system and practical structure.


Onyx2sg is committed to providing the best services to the customer while also being ethically aware and accommodating to the requests of its well-meaning customers.

The Onyx2sg are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources required to correctly recognise the indicators of gambling addiction due to their extensive expertise in the gambling sector. Their team concluded to employ this knowledge to assist obsessive bettors that require assistance beyond the casinos.

The club of Bettors Association was established with the goal of supporting and encouraging troubling and addicted bettors. A fellowship of both male and female who share the intentional desire to quit uncontrollably betting comprise the decision to exercise. Collectively, they combine their skills, resources, and will to conquer the habits.