Topbet888 Online Casino Review

  • 188% Welcome Bonus Up To $888


Online casinos have overtaken the entire gambling market, with more and more players turning to them daily. This has also given rise to many new online casinos with unique offerings for players. It can be daunting for new gambling fans to pick the best online casino amongst the crowd of mediocre new offerings. 

This article reviews Topbet888 – a popular Singapore online casino review. Punters in Singapore should continue reading to determine if Topbet888 is worth considering.

Topbet888 Online Casino Games 

The gaming catalogue offered by an online casino is one of its most important features; hence, our reviewers put a lot of emphasis on the casino games section. From the get-go, Topbet888 has an impressive mix of casino games and sports betting options.

Players can choose their favourite category by clicking on the options at the top of the Topbet888 homepage. We found options like sports betting, horse racing, live casino, slots, etc. Let us take a look at these casino game categories.


Sports betting is a popular form of gambling in Asia, so online casinos aimed at Asians need to offer a good sports bookmaker option. In this context, we were pretty impressed by the approach taken by TopBet888. Players can choose from different sports bookmakers’ options like M8Bet, Mywbet, IGKBet, QBHM, CMD368 and TBSBet. 

These popular bookmakers provide players with a comprehensive sports betting platform via the Topbet888 portal. Punters can get various sporting options, including football, basketball, tennis, cricket, table tennis, combat sports, Formula 1, and even several eSports options. In addition to the vast library of sports, players can find national and international sporting event support.

The odds these bookmakers offer are highly competitive, and punters could compare them and decide which one they prefer. During our Topbet888 online casino review, we discovered a variety of modern and traditional betting options for Asian punters at various sporting events. Punters who like a more exciting sports betting option will like the live betting offered by Topbet888, with its ever-changing odds and live streaming features.

Horse Racing 

Horse racing is related to some of the earliest forms of sports betting, which has continued well into modern times with online casinos. Asian punters have always had an affinity for horse racing, and there are several horse racing events to bet on. With online casinos, players can now bet on their favourite horse races from the comfort of their own homes.

At Topbet888, players can experience and bet on all the popular horse racing events from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. We liked the separate horse racing section, where players can find odds for individual racing heats. Another thing that impressed us was the live simulcast feature available on TopBet888. Players can use live streaming to witness and experience the thrill of horse racing betting.

Topbet888 also provides information about the horses, such as their origin, training method, rider, and past results. This can come in handy for people who are new to horse race wagering in general.

Live Casino 

People not into sports betting or horse racing can also look into the live casino section of Topbet888. Punters will find a good selection of live casino games from industry veterans, such as Evolution Gaming, GamePlay, SA Gaming, Live22, and WM Casino, to name a few.

During our Topbet888 online casino review, we looked into the different live games, like poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc. Asian punters who like live casino games will appreciate Topbet888 as one of the better live casino providers. 

The games were live-streamed via several streaming feeds and regulated by professional dealers. During our review, we noticed these game dealers were polite and easy to interact with, a quality necessary for live casino games. The streaming feeds are high-quality, with no lag or downtime issues.


Slot machines have always been crowd pleasers regardless of a casino setting. This is due to the unique mix of simple gameplay and varied themes native to video slot games. As a result, having a slot section punters enjoy is critical for an online casino’s success.

Topbet888 offers a separate slot section with several popular casinos to choose from. During our review, we noticed slot casinos like Live22, 918Kiss, King855, and Ace333 on offer at Topbet888. These well-known and reputable slot-oriented casinos provide a massive selection of video slot offerings to TopBet888 players.

The video slot games we checked out had all the necessary bells and whistles that make slot games so popular. Including several different reels and pay line combinations, these were presented with other classic and modern themes. Players can easily switch from one slot machine to another and recreate the thrill and excitement of real-money casino gambling.

Toto Lottery 

Toto lotteries are a form of gambling unique to Asian gambling markets. Invented in the 1960s in Singapore, toto lotteries have been a popular part of the Asian gambling scene. This popularity has ensured the inclusion of toto games in online casinos.

Topbet888, much like other online casinos, uses the “5 out of 49” format of the toto lottery. Players have to choose six numbers ranging from 1 to 49. The casino then randomly chooses 6 plus 1 individual numbers, and if three or more of the numbers selected by the punter match the casino’s selection, the player wins.

Topbet888 has several different Toto lottery features, like incremental prizes where players can earn more money for more number matches. Topbet888 also offers a jackpot for players with all six correct number predictions.


4D Betting is another casino lottery-based gambling unique to Singapore and Malaysia. Punters can choose any four-digit number between 0000 and 9999 and place bets on it. Special draws are made on particular days of the week, with 23 sets of 4D numbers randomly selected. Players with matching four-digit numbers get to win exciting cash prizes.

Punters who like 4D betting can check out Topbet888’s 4D betting section, which offers 4D betting buy-ins starting from 1$. Players can make multiple choices which can ultimately increase their winning chances.    

Promotions And Bonuses 

Promotions are a way for online casinos to attract players; many offer exuberant promotion deals and welcome bonuses. But ensuring these promotions are worth signing up for at different casinos is essential. For the Topbet888 online review casino online, we tested each aspect of the promotion and welcome bonus.

We are happy to inform our readers that the Topbet888 welcome bonus and promotions are legit and easy to avail. Players can securely deposit money and get the welcome bonus and other advertised promotions. Here are some of the promotions offered by Topbet888.

Welcome Bonus: 188% up to $888

Players must make a minimum first deposit of at least $50 to any of the sportsbook’s live casinos or slot wallets.

Daily First Deposit Bonus: Get a daily bonus of 10%

Players must make a daily minimum first deposit of at least $50 to any sportsbooks, live casino, slots, 918Kiss, or King855 wallets.

Unlimited Weekly Cashback: Get 10% weekly cashback

Players must make a minimum transfer of at least $50 to any sportsbooks, live casinos, slots, Live22, 918Kiss, or King855 wallets to avail themselves of this bonus.

Unlimited Referral Bonus – Get a 10% referral bonus

Players must make a minimum transfer of at least $50 to any sportsbooks, live casinos, slots, Live22, 918Kiss, or King855 wallets to avail themselves of this bonus.

Birthday Cash Bonus: Get an $888 birthday cash bonus

Players must make a minimum transfer of at least $50 to any sportsbooks, live casinos, slots, Live22, 918Kiss, or King855 wallets to avail themselves of this bonus.

Customer Support 

For online casinos with real-money transactions, having reliable and responsive customer support is key. It is the only mode of communication between the punters and the casino. For our Topbet888 casino review, we used all the customer service options to present the right picture to our readers.

The customer service at Topbet888 was satisfactory without being amazing. Punters can generally use the live chat option for most queries, which was helpful, according to our reviewers. The chat response was also quick, and the chat box was operational throughout the day. Additionally, Topbet888 provides punters with contact options via Whatsapp and Telegram. 

Live Chat 24/7

Whatsapp – +65 8615 7785

Telegram – @TopBet888 

Online Casino Security Features 

Online casinos, in addition to all their different game catalogues, promotions, and bonuses, must also provide a secure space for punters. In this context, we conducted an in-depth review of the Topbet888 website and found the security features satisfactory.

Topbet888’s well-known banking and payment options provide standard security protocols that protect your money and identity. It also ensures you and your identity are safe from online snooping.

The gaming providers on Topbet888 belong to respected third-party developers, ensuring fair play regulations are maintained. In essence, the overall security provided by Topbet888 is satisfactory, and the website is safe to gamble on.

Banking And Payment Options 

When it comes to online casinos, it is critical to have various banking and payment options that are diverse and easily accessible to players.Topbet888 offers several of these popular payment methods to visiting punters. The online casino has ensured that various banking options are available to all punters.

Topbet888 accepts multiple forms of currency, making it easy for punters worldwide. Additionally, Topbet888 also accepts cryptocurrency payments.

Accepted Currencies: Malaysian Ringgit, Singapore Dollar, US Dollar

Banking Options: Bank Transfers, Standard Chartered, POSB, OCBC Bank, Paynow, DBS Bank, UOB Bank

Service Game Providers 

One of the unique features native to TopBet888 is the availability of multiple service providers. It is an advantageous feature for TopBet888’s online casino. This offers players a vast array of casino and sportsbook games. Players can easily compare odds, betting options, and casino games from the available game providers.

Some of the popular service game providers available at Topbet888 online casino include.

M8Bet, MywBet, IGKBet, QBHM, CMD368, TBSBet, Evolution Gaming, GamePlay, SA Gaming, Live22, WM Casino, Pragmatic Play, Live22, 918Kiss, King855, Ace333, etc.

Design, Navigation, And User Experience

A lot depends on an online casino’s overall look, feel, and usability. In this context, the overall design of the casino was okay, although the use of red might put off a few people. Still, it is subjective, and some people might like it. On the other hand, the animations and website design are spot on.

The navigation aspect of Topbet888 is also nice, with speedy transactions and quick loading times. Players will have no problem switching from one option to another. Additionally, all the functions and games have been neatly categorized, which gives the casino a clean overall feel. The user interface is also enjoyable, making the casino easily navigate on computers.


To summarise, Topbet888 is a fantastic online casino offering for Singapore-based players. The casino has several benefits that make it ideal for Asian punters, such as the availability of Toto games and 4D betting. The sportsbook and casino sections are also well curated, which rounds off a nice, complete package. Although there are some minor cons, the pros greatly outweigh the cons in the case of Topbet888.